about us

more than just construction.

It’s about shaping communities.

The Tefi Group is one of the Lower Mainland’s most prestigious and well rounded developers. The company offers an impressive track record of success and an unwavering commitment to the communities in which they work. The team subscribes to a philosophy rooted in absolute commitment to unmatched craftsmanship and is the hallmark of every single project they undertake.

A strong belief in the power of relationships.

As much as the family is committed to excellence in all of its operations, the Tefi Group team is also committed to ensuring long-lasting and robust relationships. Trust is at the very heart of large-scale projects so the team is fully committed to harnessing the true power of positivity, integrity and honesty. The company undertakes major construction projects and it’s no secret that teamwork is the real pathway to success. Solid relationships are paramount to the Tefi Group brand of real estate development.


Sasan Tehrani, Principal

Sasan is the founder and leader of the Tefi Group and is responsible for all areas of operations. His significant experience and long list of accomplishments make him particularly well suited for the role. With an engineering background, Sasan also completed his Architecture & Building Technology Diploma and Construction Management Degree from BCIT. In addition, he has on-the-ground experience working in quantity surveying and risk management.

Like his father, Sasan exudes energy, positivity and true enthusiasm for every project and is considered a visionary within the local development community. Sasan is extraordinarily well connected and relies on his extensive network of banking, investment, real estate and development professionals to drive success.

Siamak Tehrani, Advisor

Siamak is an arms-length but vitally important advisor to the Tefi Group and brings his substantial background in structural engineering, architecture and environmental design. Siamak’s career spans over 40 years and includes everything from major infrastructure projects in the Middle East and Asia to the first true rowhouses in western Canada. More than anything, Siamak has the ability to stay calm even in the eye of the storm. His unique combination of experience and a calm demeanour gives Siamak the ability to overcome the most daunting challenges. This highly valuable “developer character trait” has been passed down from father to son as no challenge is too big for the Tehranis.